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We love to visit new countries and know the different cultures, that's why destination wedding fascinates us every time. 


Max is the owner of the company, video maker and drone pilot.He has always been passionate about technology and art combining two passions to express himself better in what he most gratifies : cinematography.Meticulous and accurate he never fails to film, he loves to perceive the emotions of others and transform them into movies.


Passions: technology, painting,  tv series, movies, read anything,

adventure, extreme sports, sushi, work on new projects, stay with Jessica.


Jessica is the second film enthusiast of photography and video for years, with great female intuition always looking for the most exciting moments, she likes to experiment and search new and richly detailed shots, collaborates with Max and runs shooting with the second camera.



Passions: walking, nature, smiling, details, traveling, reading, simplicity of things, enjoy life, creativity, stay with Max.


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destination wedding

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